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Making Music Out of Anything Around You

April 4, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Make music with practically any object within reach. Participate in a series of interactive, fun & unusual listening exercises, sonic treasure hunt, and improv jam with your newfound instruments.

We’ll begin by playing an MP3 of a pre-composed song I made using mystery items and ask participants to identify the instruments/objects/sounds they are hearing. Next we’ll show participants the items used in the song, and demonstrate the different sounds each object can make. You’ll learn a bit about the physics of soundwaves and why different instruments/objects make different sounds. Next, we’ll invite participants to look around the workshop space and investigate objects for their sound making potential. A big part of the fun is looking through the space we are in to explore objects and their sound making qualities. Next, we share our findings with each other. Finally we choose our favorite sounding objects and jam out a song together. Time permitting, we’ll talk about recording their own found sounds and using the free Audacity software to create a sound collage with recorded materials.

Our instructor no.e Parker is a Digital Music Composition PhD with focus in Interdisciplinary Composition and Data Sonification, holds a BS from Cornell University in Textile Design, and earned her MFA in Digital Art and New Media from UC Santa Cruz in 2007. A multi-disciplinary artist, her work delves into deriving music and sound art from her home compost, live musical improvisation for dancers, soundscape recording, gamelan and electronic music, and interactive audiovisual installation.

Parker’s PhD abstract was top ranked by Leonardo Journal in 2017, and other research is published in the International Conference of Audio Display 2015 proceedings and RIXC Center for New Media’s Acoustic Space Journal (16). Exhibitions include: Qianyang Bamboo Museum (Fujian, China), National Museum of the Brazilian RepublicDanish Museum of Modern ArtUCR Culver Arts Center (Riverside USA), DNA Lounge (San Francisco USA), Ubud Readers and Writers Festival (IND), and Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival (IND). https://jnoiesparker.wordpress.com/composing-decomposition/


April 4, 2018
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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