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Due to COVID-19 the Depot is NOT accepting Donations at this time.

There are two options for material donations: drop them off at our loading dock, or for larger donations and business donations we offer a pickup service. Call the Donation Pickup Hotline at 510.547.6535 detailing your donation and location. You can also email: We are a California Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization, so all your donations are tax deductible.

Need help clearing out an entire house or business? Check out our Estate Reuse Services. Your donations keep our doors open and help us make progress towards our organizational mission.

  • Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Antique or Vintage items (pre-1990’s)
  • Bags, Purses, Good Backpacks
  • Bicycles (good condition only)
  • Books (art, coffee table, new, best-sellers, children’s)
  • Cameras & Components (working or not)
  • Containers: Tins, Film Canisters, Glass Jars, Cigar Boxes
  • Corks, Egg Cartons, Toilet/Paper Towel Cardboard Rolls, Paper Bags
  • Fabric (at least 1 yard)
  • Frames, Artwork, Canvases
  • Garden Supplies–tools, pots, lawn decor
  • Furniture: Wooden, Small (less than 48″w x 24″d x 30″h): End Tables, Nightstands, Bookshelves, Drawers, Patio, Rockers, Framed Mirrors, Chairs, Carts
  • Holiday Decor (in-season only)
  • Home Decor (lamps, vases, vintage glassware sets, etc.)
  • Ink Cartridges (unopened)
  • Electronics: string lights, working lightbulbs, musical instruments, working speakers & audio equipment
  • Small Working Appliances– hand mixers, blenders, hotplates, irons, sewing machines, hair dryers, soldering irons, craft appliances. All electronics must work *immediately* when plugged in
  • Jewelry, Watches, Beads, Jewelry Bits
  • Kitchen Gadgets (working only)
    • Kitchenware (quality, new or lightly used) Please no broken or chipped dishes!
    • Leather, Lace, Ribbon
    • Magazines: National Geographics, Art Magazines, Image Heavy. Please no New Yorkers or text only!
    • Media (CDs, DVDs, Audio Cassettes, Records, even 8-Track tapes)
    • Musical Instruments (acoustic/electric), Musical Instrument Accessories, Sheet Music
    • Office & School Supplies (we are always overloaded on 3-Ring Binders, though)
    • Paper, Maps, Posters, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Calendars
    • Paints: Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Fabric, Spray Paint, Glazes, Crafts Paints. Please no house paints!
    • Party Supplies & Gift Wrap (in-season holiday)
    • Photographs
    • Poster Board, Foam Core, Mat Board
    • Scrapbooking Gear (stamps, paper, stickers, glitter, etc.)
    • Sewing Patterns & Notions
    • Shells, Feathers, Fake Plants & Flowers, Small Art Tile (2” or less)
    • Teaching Materials (learning tools, manipulatives, classroom supplies, etc.)
    • Tools (working power, hand tools)
    • Toys and Games
    • Typewriters (non-electric only)
    • Yarn & Knitting Supplies


We are unable to accept the following due to legal or liability risks, safety or hazardous/universal waste concerns, recycling and/or disposal fees:

  • Bedding & Pillows
  • Binding Machines
  • Building Materials
  • Christmas Decor (before December)
  • Clothes/Shoes
  • Healthcare Items: Crutches, Walkers, Intubators, Braces, etc.
  • Curriculum (teaching curriculum can be traded in our Facebook group starting in June)
  • Curtains/Curtain Rods
  • Dishes (solo plates/cups/mugs, plastic dishware, dish racks, etc.)
  • Drafting Tables
  • Encyclopedias & Outdated Text Books
  • Fabric Scraps (
  • Fireplace Tools
  • Furniture larger than 48″w x 24″d x 30″h, anything particle board, upholstered, Ikea
  • Hazardous/Flammable materials (House paint/varnish, fuels, solvents, dead batteries, etc.)
  • Glass (Broken or Loose Sheets)
  • Electronics: items not on our accepted list, including but not limited to: Loose Cords and Cables, Phones, Computers, TVs, Monitors, Toasters, Rice Cookers, Coffee Makers, DVD Players, Heaters, Routers, Printers/Scanners, Phones, Fans, Shredders, Vacuums, etc.
  • Hardware (Brackets, Switchplates, Hinges, Loose screws/nails/bolts etc.)
  • Media: VHS, Home-recorded Media (VHS or cassettes), Tapes without Cases
  • Oversized Plastic Toys
  • Paper Products with Mildew or water Damage
  • Promotional Materials (Calendars, Cards, Address Labels, Mugs, etc.)
  • Slide Carousels
  • Sports Items (Golf Clubs, Used Helmets, Ice Skates, Weight Sets)
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Styrofoam & Packing Peanuts
  • Suitcases
  • Tile (Bathroom, Patio, larger than 2”, etc.)

Click here to view our list of acceptable and unacceptable material donations as a PDF.


Drop-off donations are accepted from 11am-5pm every day! Donations are accepted at the loading dock at the rear of the store, on Shattuck Ave. between 47th and 46th Streets. You will receive a tax receipt upon donation.

The Depot Store has a limited amount of storage space. To assure your entire donation will be accepted, please call ahead at 510.547.6470 for pre-approval. If you do not CALL AHEAD OR EMAIL, we cannot guarantee that your donation will be accepted.

If we cannot take your donation due to overloading, we encourage you to post it on to make your materials available to the public and keep them out of the waste stream.

Due to COVID-19

the Depot is NOT accepting Donations at this time.

Sorry for the inconvenience.