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Special Teachers Only Day, Feb. 15th 12-6pm

The Green Educator Program

binsAll teachers are invited to join our Green Educator Program by signing up at our East Bay Depot Store. Our cashiers will walk you through the process at the register. It only takes a minute!

Bring a teacher ID, union card, school letterhead or other verification documents with you to sign up for our program and start saving!


Membership entitles you to 10% off of all Depot store purchases for your classroom every day. In addition, Green Educator Program members can select free materials from our Green Educator Giveaway Zone, including our monthly giveaway. Simply collect materials from the giveaway zone, bring them to the register. Our cashiers will weigh your materials and you’ll be on your way! Green Educator Program members will be updated via email  and our Green Educators Facebook page about in-store events for teachers and other opportunities for participation.

The Green Educator Program was launched in 2008 with funding from the Altamont Educator Advisory Board. Today, there are more than 5,000 program members who receive free materials for their classrooms.

Teacher ResourcesGreen Educator Giveaway Zone:
Our giveaway zone is marked by a bright green pole. Here you will find free educational materials donated by other teachers and patrons. These materials can include:

Children’s Books
Workbooks (K-12)
Textbooks (all levels)
Books about teaching
Educational Media
Posters and classroom decorations

In addition to traditional teaching materials, we offer corks, all sizes of plastic containers, egg cartons, metal tins, CDs, jewel cases, boxes, crayons, pencils, National Geographic Magazines, binders, notebooks, hanging file folders, rulers, trophies, wood scraps and party supplies –up to 2 grocery sacks full- all for FREE (with your Green Educator membership).

Green Educator Program Members receive a monthly email detailing the current giveaway items and offers information about local environmental events & workshops, as well as interesting projects for teachers and students.


The Depot is no longer accepting curriculum materials for our store. Instead, we encourage you to join our Facebook Group for Green Educators. On the group page you will find opportunities to swap curriculum with other teachers in our area. You can also make requests for specific materials.

Join our Facebook Community Today:

***Please note, this is a closed group. You must answer the 3 easy questions to gain membership.

The East Bay Depot was created by and for teachers





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