Can your client only KEEP 20% of their things?

We know how daunting it can be for someone to sort decades of possessions.

Our service allows you to keep your client focused on what they are taking with them.

We’ll take care of everything else.

We make sure that all usable items find a new home or purpose.

“You and your team did an incredible job sorting, packing and removing virtually everything from a very cluttered home.  I am still amazed how you were able to find nonprofit organizations who could use virtually everything—clothing, furniture, dishes, paper goods, tools, office supplies, decor.  You made it so easy for the family to donate every usable item left in their late mother’s house.”

-K. Segal, Montclair Fiduciary & Planning Advisors, LLC

The Depot’s Estate Reuse Service is quick to match the items with local nonprofit organizations.

Our mission is to keep usable items in circulation, rather than forgotten in the back of a closet or worse, the landfill.

Create a more sustainable environment for everyone and provide dignity for your clients and their things.

Items that don’t go to the new home are more than a donation and will enhance the lives of others.

The usable items from clearing an average 2000 sq foot house directly impacts over 100 local community members.


Excess Kitchen, Dishware, and Home goods can be furnishings for families and individuals transitioning out of crisis or homelessness.

Clothes can be sold to vintage enthusiasts, used at shelters, or sent to textile recycling if they are stained or in disrepair.

Office & Craft Supplies can be materials for teachers and artists.

Mattresses depending on condition can reused or recycled.

Tools & Sporting Equipment is great for after-school programs and hobbyist clubs.


My mother died recently. She had been a strong supporter of recycling and reusing.
After our family had selected the items they wanted we were left with a large amount of goods we didn’t know how to distribute.

My daughter contacted Creative Reuse and we ultimately made use of the Estate Reuse Service you offer. I called them, donated what I could, after which we amassed a giant pile of boxed items in the garage. Creative Reuse came twice for pickup. They not only took what they wanted, but also took the rest to be donated, after which the garage was empty!

I don’t know how we would have gotten over that final hump without their help and very kind attention. I am very grateful.

Thank you very much,
E. Keene

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